IIER operates with three sources of finance, and is strictly based on a non-for-profit basis:

  • private donors who consider our work relevant to societies
  • public or private project grants for projects designed and submitted by IIER
  • project partnerships with NGOs, government organizations and corporations (limited)

IMPORTANT: We do not accept grants or agree to project partnerships which limit or direct our science, all the work we do is strictly neutral and independent of the objectives of whoever provides financing. We further do not accept donations, grants or project funding that influences scope or outcome of our work, limits or restricts the use of the results or creates proprietary knowledge or data that cannot be made available to other audiences.

Our Budget

In 2016, IIER globally operated with a budget of approximately US$ 710'000. The annual report will be uploaded shortly.

Support our work

Please help us to advance more of our important research and outreach projects more quickly, either by donating general funds, or by "adopting" a specific project together and with that the young scientists working on a particular issue. Your support is greatly appreciated, no matter how small. Please either contact us or use PayPal by clicking the button below. Please state if you need a receipt for tax purposes.




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