First of all, we are looking for research fellows (based out of Switzerland or in their home country). If one of our multiple research topics appeals to you and you meet most of the following criteria, please contact us to discuss:

  • Excellent academic degree entitling to continue in a PhD or postdoc position
  • Expertise or extraordinary interest in one or more of the subjects of IIER research

Despite the fact that we ourselves lack the status of an official academic institution, in most cases we will be able to find an officially accepted "home" at a renowned academic institution to pursue a formal PhD or acknowledged post-doctoral research.

Second, we are looking for interns with an interest in a IIER research subject and a willingness to publish. Key requirements are:

  • Excellent academic degree (masters or bachelor) - for outstanding master students, we are also able to support thesis projects.
  • Superior analytical capabilities
  • Knowledge or profound interest in one of our subjects
  • 3-6 months of available time dedicated to research

Last, but by no means least, we are interested in collaborating with every person working on similar topics to the ones we deal with, be it inside or outside academia. We therefore invite everybody who wants to contribute to this website, to our research, or also wants to work on something that might require our help. Contact us!