Help us to get better

IIER produces science, hopefully of outstanding quality. This is only possible if we receive as much feedback and input as ever possible. On what we have done, what we should do, and what we could do better in the future. We are constantly looking for people who are ready to help us review articles, online posts, scientific papers, presentations and new project outlines. If you are ready to help, please contact us stating the topics you are interested and experienced in.

Join our research efforts

There are multiple ways to support our research, either as an academic institution teaming up on important topics, as an individual researcher who is interested in joint publications and work, or even directly working for IIER. Please contact us for more details.

Help us reach the right people

IIER's science is "applied science", focused at the future of societies, which makes it (hopefully) relevant for policy-making institutions, decision makers and opinion leaders in many fields. In order to make an impact, it is relevant for us to be in touch with the people who can pick up some of the ideas we create and take them forward independently. If you think you can help us with our outreach, please contact us.

Financial Support

Please help us to advance more of our important research and outreach projects more quickly, either by donating general funds, or by "adopting" a specific project together and with that the young scientists working on a particular issue. Your support is greatly appreciated, no matter how small. Please either contact us or use PayPal by clicking the button below. Please state if you need a receipt for tax purposes.

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