The past years of IIER work have mostly been focused on the creation of tangible scientific outcomes that withstand the test of scrutiny by a still skeptical audience tuned into the incredible success story of humanity during the 20th century. With an increasing polarized world around us, we have decided to turn our knowledge over to the public, in the form of an easily accessible website: The objective of energy&stuff is to provide a sobering and an encouraging message at the same time: the times of unabated economic growth are over, and that doesn't need to be a negative thing for us humans. Please have a look.

The key objective of to ensure an open dialogue about quickly changing dynamics in our economic system, after we have enjoyed a 20th century of almost free energy and unlimited resource access. It aims at helping scientists, journalists, policymakers, but equally anybody else with an interest in how the world really works, to understand and make better decisions. Understanding what is happening in our economies is an important contributor to reducing hate and blame between different groups who all have come up with their own explanations, culprits and mirage solutions to fix the economy.

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